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Developing Good Oral Hygiene Habits Should Start in Infancy, Here’s Why!

Even though our little tot’s teeth are impermanent, they still need to be diligently cleaned. Encouraging good oral hygiene habits early has a long lasting positive effect on your child’s teeth and prevents future complications caused by cavities and premature tooth decay. Preventing cavities in kid’s teeth is an important part of a pediatric dentist’s […]

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Why Healthy Gums are Vital to Oral Health

When it comes to your oral health, taking care of your gums is just as important as tending to your teeth. Many Saskatoon patients seeking oral health services forget to consider the health of their gums. Although easily overlooked, the gums play an important role in the protection of the teeth and underlying bones. It’s […]

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What is fluoride and why is it good for teeth?

One of the most common dental treatments we perform in Saskatoon is to fill cavities or repair teeth damaged by decay. Fluoride is a natural mineral that contributes to strong bones and teeth. While controversy exists around the safety of fluoride, the benefits of fluoride for dental health are scientifically proven. Read on to find […]

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Do you have bad breath? What you need to know about Halitosis

Bad breath is a common condition for people of any age. It can be embarrassing, but it is preventable and treatable. Most bad breath starts in the mouth as a result of dry mouth, insufficient oral care, diet or lifestyle. Chronic malodor – also called halitosis is bad breath that doesn’t go away and may […]

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Holiday smiles

May Your Smile Be Merry and Bright: Oral Health Tips for the Holidays

Another busy holiday season is upon us, and with it comes many opportunities to indulge in festive food, drink, and other holiday habits that are detrimental to our oral health. Of course, we want you to enjoy all that the holiday has to offer without having to worry about jeopardizing your oral health. The team […]

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Pediatric Dental Anxiety

Pediatric Dental Anxiety – Ways to Help Your Kids With Their Fear of the Dentist

We have all heard of a child experiencing dental anxiety. Whether it be a frightened toddler begging not to be taken to the dentist, or an older child who’s deathly afraid to sit in the dental chair, the fear that arises in children when faced with a dental check up is very real.

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Getting to the Root of Root Canals

Getting to the Root of Root Canals

What is a root canal? The root canal refers to the cavity in the center of the tooth, beneath the translucent protective layer of enamel and the hard white layer of dentin. The root canal naturally contains soft tissue called pulp which is made up of nerves, blood vessels and connective tissues. Like any soft […]

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Is chewing gum good or bad for your teeth? Xylitol alternatives.

One of commonly asked oral hygiene questions is whether or not chewing gum is good for your teeth. We have all seen countless commercials advertising chewing gum as a means to strengthen, whiten, and improve your teeth and gums. Unfortunately, this isn't always true. Chewing gum can be healthy for your teeth, however, some types […]

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Do You Need a Night Guard?

Have you been told by a dental professional or a loved one that you need a night guard? If so, then you might be wondering... do you need a night guard? And why are people saying that you need one? Well, to answer that question we first have to explain exactly what a night guard […]

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