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Saskatoon Children's Dentistry

We understand that there are people who deal with dental anxiety – especially children. We can help. Children have an aversion to discomfort, pain, and often, the unfamiliar. As a parent, you have been there – the challenge of introducing new food and even the concept of a spoon! Our intention, as your child’s dentist, is as good as yours are when you feed him or her vegetables. You know that their wellbeing should be prioritized. We should work together so we can make your child as comfortable as possible during the entire procedure. As a team, we have a better chance of preventing the need for an ongoing treatment intervention.

The Canadian Dental Association recommends that a child is brought to their family dentist for an oral assessment within six months of the first tooth’s appearance or when they reach the age of 1.

Dental disease among young children is still a significant problem. The number of children brought and treated in hospitals for severe decay is clear evidence of this. Many do not know that dental disease during childhood can potentially affect the general health of young kids. The Canadian Dental Association encourages a dental assessment so any specific risks, as well as appropriate interventions and the periodicity of dental assessments in the future, can be determined. Note that special risk patients may need more frequent assessments to determine the best management strategies.

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