Root Canals & Fillings

Root canal therapy is sometimes the only way to save a tooth that has been significantly invaded by bacteria, especially if access has reached the center or pulp of the tooth.

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This invasion can be because of tooth decay or a crack. A root canal may also be performed preemptively when there’s imminent bacterial invasion to the pulp or there is a need for the inside of a tooth to be occupied and reconstructed. Without root canal therapy, the foundation or the root structure of the tooth can be lost.


When the bacteria penetrate the protective layers of the tooth to reach the inside of the tooth, extreme pain is often felt. Following this invasion, one may notice that the pain is gone. This happens when the blood vessels, the nerve, and the contents of the tooth become necrotic and rot. As the number of bacteria grows within the tooth, there will be pressure as these bacteria try to find an escape route. This path may be sought through the bottom or tooth root, resulting in an abscess. The pressure caused by this bacterial buildup can be very painful and even dangerous as it can travel and escape through “routes” with the least resistance.

Because pain fluctuates, many use pain as their guide – thinking that there’s only a problem when there’s pain. But that is not true. You should consult your dentist at Acadia Dental as pain alone is not an accurate indicator of damage. And this in itself is a problem.

Whether or not you are feeling pain, it is best to consult us. Only a professional can determine the best course of action. Bacterial invasion can be addressed and a root canal may be the solution that you need. However, there may be instances when root canal therapy is not advisable or has limitations in success. We can provide you with excellent alternatives. You do not have to worry as we will guide you through the entire process and help you make informed decisions regarding your oral health.