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Woman wearing a light blue shirt holding an ice pack on her face to calm swelling down after a dental injury.

5 Common Dental Emergencies and what to do about them!

Sometimes it’s as fast as tripping on your own two feet, and sometimes it’s a tooth you left a little longer than you should have. Whatever the cause, a dental emergency is something that needs to be taken very seriously! We’re going to talk about some common ones that we often see at Acadia Dental, […]

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Developing Good Oral Hygiene Habits Should Start in Infancy, Here’s Why!

Even though our little tot’s teeth are impermanent, they still need to be diligently cleaned. Encouraging good oral hygiene habits early has a long lasting positive effect on your child’s teeth and prevents future complications caused by cavities and premature tooth decay. Preventing cavities in kid’s teeth is an important part of a pediatric dentist’s […]

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Human tooth with caries, hole and tools. Dental searching concept. Teeth or dentures. 3d illustration

Ways You Might Get Teeth Damage

When we develop certain habits to improve our well-being, we are not always made aware of the problems those habits can cause our teeth. Teeth often receive a lower priority in terms of health, and some things are missed.   Here are some healthy practices you could be doing that might do more harm than […]

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